eduroam in Euroschool Ceska Lipa

International Wi-Fi network

The eduroam project connects thousands of Wi-Fi networks around the world. The user has a single account (on his/her home network), and this account entitles him to use the wireless network of any member of the project. Euroschool Česká Lípa will be connected from October 2018.

How to connect:

To connect to a Wi-Fi network, you need the user's home organization to be a member of the eduroam project. Connection procedure:

  • 1
    The administrator of your home organization will tell you how to set a password and access permission.
  • 2
    The login name is usually the e-mail address of the user in his home organization (ie,
  • 3
    Set up your device manually or using the eduroam CAT automatic tool (see below)
  • 4
    Once you reach the eduroam of any member within the Wi-Fi network, the connection is automatically established.
  • 5
    The Euroskola Česká Lípa has no control over the verification of an external user. If your connection does not work, the name and password in your home organization have not been verified.

You can use the eduroam CAT program to automatically set up your device (direct access to the Android Store, for iOS, OS X and Windows visit eduroam CAT home page).